Pick My Brain Session with Candace

Candace Abroad

If you've ever stumbled through my blog, Instagram or podcast and wondered "How does she do ____?...now is your chance to find out! 

Book a no-filter 'pick my brain' session where I'll spill the tea on all your biggest questions, with in-depth advice and resources to benefit you for years to come.

Here's What You'll Get: 

• A one hour 1-on-1 Zoom Call with Candace 

• A post-meeting personalized pdf guide from Candace detailing all of the points discussed on our call, with resources and advice for lifetime reference

• 1-week email follow-up support for any additional questions (will respond within 24 hours) 

Step 1: Book a Calendar Date 

After your purchase, you'll be led to an online calendar where you can choose the best date/time for our meeting. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Questions in Advance 

After your call is booked, please outline the top 3-5 questions you have for Candace to make the most of your meeting. 

Topics can include:

• Moving to London/Abroad

• Finding your niche 

• Building a brand and online community

• How to grow your Instagram/Tik Tok

• How to start a blog

• How to start a podcast

• Personal Development 

Step 3: Chat With Candace & Receive Your Post-Meeting Feedback 

Within 48 hours of the call, Candace will send you a personalized pdf guide with all of the points discussed in the meeting, including resources and advice for lifetime reference. You'll also have unlimited access to Candace via email for any follow-up questions you may have for up to one week after the call (will respond within 24 hours).

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Pick My Brain Session with Candace

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